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September 2003: by Claudia Ines Ventresca

August 2003: "First Haiku" by Nommolucas

July 2003: "The Bodhi tree, Mara and me"

January 2003: "Purr-Fect Perfection" by Taebo Kitti

September 2002: "Sum Bodies Samadhi" by Lynne

July 2002: Poetry by Rumi

May 2002: "Poems At Night" by Blue Star

April 2002: "Lake Joy (for Rama)" by Lee F

March 02: "Spring and the Long Days of Light" Neo

December 2001: "Feast of the Dead Bird" by Jim

September 2001: "Me?" Virginia Marie Swift

August 2001: "The Great Work" by Hafiz

July 2001: "Lease on Life" by Shahriar Shahriari

June 2001: "I am the Wind" Virginia Marie Swift

May 2001: "The Lavender Minutes" by Luke Davies

April 2001: by Francis Quarles

March 2001: "Friends" by Gnish

February 2001: Dzogchen Master, Longchenpa

January 2001: by Alexander Smith

December 2000: "The Alchemy of Love" by Rumi

November 2000: "The Pure Fury" by Roethke


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