Reinventing Yourself

The Millennium is the ideal time for the Warrior @ Work to reinvent themself. On a recent episode of Politically Incorrect, the host reflecting on his college days stated, "Nobody knows me here, I can be James Bond." The ability to change and grow is vital for the success of the warrior.

Hopefully we are changing and growing all the time. This allows the warrior to capitalize on every endeavor, career related or otherwise. The resistance that we all feel towards change is normal. One must look for an internal locus of control and not consider this resistance to be external. It is far too easy to blame or attribute stagnation to other people or outside influences. We are all in charge of our own destinies, especially spiritual growth and development.

As far as career success, prospective employers are looking for certain qualities that portray a candidate as competent, responsible, honest, intelligent, talented, etc. It is in the warrior's best interest to incorporate positive attributes into their repertoire. Visualize the person you want to be and make it happen for yourself everyday.






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