The Warrior @ Work must learn to recognize intention in themself as well as others. The force, will or intent of an action is more important than the outcome. This awareness is necessary to be able to grow and develop in ones career or life in general.

As awareness increases, ones clarity in perception allows an individual to recognize their true intentions objectively. One can make positive changes in a direct and intentional manner.

At the same time the intentions of other people become more obvious. With the development of clarity in perception one will notice that people will say one thing and intend something else.

The advantage of recognizing intention is incredible. It allows one to develop in a direct and deliberate manner and to achieve anything one sets their mind to. It allows one to enter into positive alliances with others and to avoid destructive or dangerous alliances.

The practice of yoga, meditation, martial arts and sports are excellent ways to increase ones awareness and thereby enhance clear and objective perception.





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