Giving Back

The Warrior@Work makes their decision on which job to take. The job that one could only dream of less than 5 weeks ago. It's been a wild ride. The phone calls from recruiters and prospective employers start alarmingly at 5:18 a.m. and continue to 9:00 p.m. They don't know that the search is over.

One quickly learns that it's not about getting all you can for yourself, that's just the beginning. What's really important is what you can do for others. It's so simple yet so elusive. The warrior must incorporate giving into their mission. Giving is strength and real empowerment.

It's important to have career success, money, security, health and happiness but without assisting others it's a selfish and hollow victory. The warrior comes to understand that he/she didn't accomplish their mission on their own but with the love and guidance of individuals who care. This might be a new concept for the warrior but it's not a new concept at all. It's always been this way.

This whole idea is related to the warrior's living in the moment, living each moment as if it may be the last. What would people say if the warrior were to leave this world unexpectedly, "He was successful because he made a lot of money," or "He was successful because he made this world a better place." The point I'm making is that with career success and spiritual growth comes obligations. Giving back is paramount.





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