New Path

Once the warrior has changed career paths the fun begins. The warrior must be brave yet humble. He's/She's in unfamiliar territory. A virtual novice and the ego does not like it one bit. Remember that Achilles' heel. The warrior becomes a gatherer of information - intelligence gathering is more like it. Those that can adapt readily will thrive and make $Millions in stock options!

Once intelligence is gathered learn the protocol and don't assume you know it. Don't even assume you know the language. I'm sure the tech vocabulary is adding a few words to Webster's each month.

Don't underestimate the learning curve and know that things will get easier. Have a sense of humor! Don't take yourself too seriously. The warrior never knows which moment will be his/her last so they must not waste time or energy. Each challenge must be met with the same positive intention, all you've got! Don't forget to workout and meditate daily as well as eat properly. Balance is the key.





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