Important Choices

The warrior often finds themself in the position of making important choices. After perusing all the high tech job sites in the world the warrior@work must narrow the job search down to the best 5-10 opportunities. At this point the career choice becomes a major one, the warrior would rather not go through the process again too soon. There's a lot more to do, like workout, maybe even meditate a little.

The key here is to have more opportunity than one needs. Gain experience from each interview, telephone conversation or e-mail exchange. Don't judge the process or fear the outcome. The warrior knows in their heart that when the right job presents itself they will be at the pinnacle of strength and power. The struggles faced by the warrior are the training ground for future success.

The warrior must control the flow of the interview. If he or she notices it getting too intense or boring they should throw something new into the mix. Leverage one prospective employer against another. Assume all the others want to hire you and if this one doesn't work out there's plenty more where that came from.

The warrior stays in control under all negotiations. When the employer offers $125,000 plus stock the warrior must respond as if he/she gets offers like that everyday. The warrior waits until they are a few blocks away to jump up and down, screaming ecstatically.

The warrior grows from every experience and always follows their heart. If one choice feels better than the others that will be the right choice. Mistakes along the way lead to greater growth and development. Again remember to focus on what you want and not other people's expectations. Enjoy the ride, that's the fun part...if we knew the outcome it would be a lot less exciting.





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