Changing Careers

The Warrior @ Work often faces a career change. People change career paths for many reasons and the warrior needs to determine what's most important to them. It's important to be successful enough to be comfortable and amply sheltered.

The sooner we embrace technology the faster we can be on the fast path to success. The warrior's ego is his or her Achilles heel. The resistance we cause ourselves is many fold - more intense than what we claim from others. Change is difficult but necessary for spiritual growth.

The warrior must stay in touch with his or her strength and maintain focus on goals and intentions and not on the expectations of others. As the stakes increase and the warrior gains power, family and friends may be threatened by his or her growth and may try to impede it.

The warrior lives in the moment and does everything to maximize his/her success in every situation. Work becomes play, life has balance and meaning. We are all captains of our own ships and with practice can learn to follow our most enlightened path.





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