The warrior@ work faces challenges everyday. Over time one will learn to handle challenges confidently, and with a sense of humor. The job search is no exception. In the Silicon Valley there are many more jobs than people, many paying much greater than normal compensation.

The challenge is learning enough about technology to satisfy the person doing the hiring. The warrior has really gone back to school. Except everyone is driving better cars, wearing better clothes, etc. Learn as much as you can as quickly as possible. You will be paid way too much for this interesting and not particularly rigorous, endeavor. One can learn a great deal just by scanning job sites as well as reading company profiles and news articles.

When the warrior gets to the point that he/she has several solid offers on the table they are faced with a big challenge. It's much harder to decide among many great choices, everyone needs these kinds of challenges...

The warrior finally notices that the entire process of hunting for, and landing, job offers is fun and exciting. Prospective employers notice that he/she is having fun and like the warrior even more. Remember to always give it your best shot, no excuses! Soon the warrior will reap the rewards of his/her efforts.






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