While jet-skiing in Nassau on July 4th. I realized that next to love, adventure is the essence of the warrior spirit. The thrill and excitement of the unknown, of testing one's limits, this is the stuff of life.

The Atlantic was pretty rough that day. My recent bride was courageously hanging on for dear life. Flying off swell after swell with mile wide smiles we ripped around the waters of our tropical paradise.

What made this so spectacular was not knowing the outcome. The enjoyment was in the moment, not the end result.

Adventure was also found in kayaking to an island about a mile or two off shore. After all the nightly dinner discussions of sharks in the area we bravely traveled across open ocean to find a quiet spot to ourselves. Again the pride and sense of accomplishment was gushing out of us, we did it!

Our dolphin swim was unforgettable! We played with Sean, a 3 year old Atlantic Bottle Nosed dolphin weighing in at only 200 lbs. Considered just a baby, he had the character and enthusiasm of a teen. Again, we were out of our element, unsure of what to expect, and loving every minute of it.

I believe that if one nurtures the warrior spirit with adventure, with nature in all its splendor, success and happiness will thrive as well.





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