Sense of Humor

The Warrior @ Work faces the ebb and flow of this world as does everybody else. Whether you practice yoga and meditation or not the world has its ups and downs.

It's easy to smile when you're sailing in Maui, skiing the Cornice at Mammoth, snorkeling in Negril or water skiing in East Hampton. The challenge is keeping a sense of humor when things are tough.

Life can be pretty intense, whether you're an IT professional watching the NASDAQ fall like a brick, facing a terrible illness, or witnessing the pain and suffering of others.

Everyday you have a choice. You can bask in the wonder of being alive, be strong, positive and confident; ready, willing and able to give to others.

Or, find numerous reasons to wallow in self pity and sorrow. The former gives power and joy, the latter....we all know about that.

It's important to keep faith in yourself and those who love you. Keep faith in a higher power. Fight the good fight for yourself and those that you love and cherish. Do it with a smile and a sense of humor.

It's a natural human trait to take ourselves very seriously. It's fun to witness light hearted mishaps in comedies and sitcoms. When it happens to us it seems like such a big deal. That's the ego being way too sensitive.

When you feel like screaming, crying, complaining, step back. Look at the situation objectively. See the irony, see the humor. Look for any reason to smile and have fun.






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