Challenge and Reward

Today (Aug. 9, 2000) is my lucky day! I was just offered a job with an outstanding organization. A company that I've been interviewing with for almost 5 weeks. Nine interviews (including a trip to L.A. and New York) and 5 personal references later I've got the dream job. Challenge and reward. The greater the challenge, the greater the reward.

Funny thing is, now comes the real challenge, now comes the real opportunity for the reward that logically follows. The last couple of months were a training ground, the price of admission. I'm looking forward to giving my best to the sales effort of my team and not my personal and lonely goal of entrance into the stadium.

I know that the fact that I've paid my dues, done my due diligence and followed my correct path will allow me to be extremely successful as well as lead a happy and balanced life. It all seems so natural, like writing a script for a movie where you are the star and everything goes your way. I guess one would have to awaken to the fear (4 months unemployed, while residing in one of the most expensive places to live), then quickly transition to the elation of the offer at lunch time. Like winning the lottery, almost.

It seems that life is a continuous string of challenges that if mastered effectively and with a sense of humor will lead someone in the direction they wish to proceed. I think that these challenges should be looked at as opportunities to excel and not be feared. By embracing challenges and ignoring irrational fear the Warrior @ Work can leverage his or her expertise to create win/ win relationships and a productive career.

I'm thankful for the lessons that I've learned and I'm thankful that it's over. I'm sure my family and friends will agree. Thank you!




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