I moved to N. CA for the potential opportunity to take over a successful venture in the Silicon Valley. I struggled about 6 months to succeed in this “mecca of opportunity”; the thought was, what works in Beverly Hills works in Palo Alto...

“It’s all about computers and technology here,” said a friend who had already jumped on the career success bandwagon. I arrived with a certain perception and awareness of the area, it's opportunities and challenges. I was a confident and successful businessman.

With time I was able to expand my awareness to include a focused and objective view of the possibilities in the area. It turned out that my consultative skills would be much more lucrative if I embraced technology, ie. computers, the internet, software, etc. This put me on a career path that would allow me to propel myself into the next century much faster. The enhanced clarity was an experience brought on by the warrior spirit.

The warrior spirit is the force that allows one to battle adversity, struggle, the trials and tribulations of life. It is developed through the practice of meditation, mindfulness, martial arts and working out. The warrior spirit involves living in the moment and facing life as a warrior does, with confidence, a positive attitude, a great sense of humor and clarity in perception.

Inherent in our spirit is the ability to know which path is right for ourselves. Our views and experiences as well as those of others tend to influence our perception and awareness. The Warrior@Work is able to get in touch with his or her inner self and find the path that's best for them. One must open their focus to give credence to new ideas. If one thing doesn't work, look at something else.

This new section is devoted to how the practice of yoga and meditation relates to career success.




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