More Blessings! More "Bops"!

by M (a Student)
January, 2002



One afternoon, in January 2001, Essie, the former caregiver of my mother, was helping me go through some family china and linens. (Again, Essie's husband is one of my brother John's oldest friends, having grown up with him in our neighborhood.) As Essie prepared to leave, she and I began sharing our experiences about the deaths of loved one. We also talked about other spiritual matters, and I ended up giving her several tapes of Rama's and a picture of him I thought she might find helpful.

Before she left Essie made the comment, "Maybe he'll visit me in my Dreams". Her perceptive comment surprised me, because during our conversation we had not ever discussed anything relating to Dreams or Dream Plane experiences.

A few months later Essie had a Dream so intense that, as a result, she forbade her son to attend a certain party that his classmates were going to. Her son (who was in the same class as my nephew, Sean) was quite upset that his mother refused to allow him to attend this party solely on the basis of the Dream she had. But she had shared the intensity of this Dream with her husband, so her son was forbidden to go.

Essie's Dream proved to be correct. Another student, who was scheduled to drive Essie's son to the party, was involved in an automobile accident that same evening and, unfortunately, did not survive.

Whatever the source of the Dream "warning" Essie received, I certainly feel that Rama's guidance and blessing were behind her son's protection and survival, especially since Essie was "open" to the idea of Rama working through her Dreams.

On a happier note, my brother John and his son Sean continued to be further "bopped". At Sean's high school graduation not only were Sean's comments from his television interview quoted by one of the commencement speakers, but Sean (to the delighted surprise of himself and his parents) received one of the largest monetary scholarships given out at the ceremony. In addition, like his older brother three years before him, Sean-The-Pawn was voted "Mister Personality" by his classmates. I told my brother that, if both his sons are voted "Mister Personality" by their respective classmates, he and his wife, Debbie, must be doing something right... So, in a series of intertwined events from January through June, 2001, Rama and his fine handiwork dispensed with some highly significant Blessings & "Bops" for the benefit of my brother, his family, his friends, and their son. All this just goes to show what can happen once you ask Our Rama to "do something"...



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