by a Student
Thanksgiving, 1999



I remember the year that Don Coryell led the Chargers to the Superbowl, almost!
The rainy night they came back from Cincinnati
I was with the crowd that met them at the Stadium.
There must have been 30 thousand people or more there,
and for San Diegans, on a very rainy night, that is something!
The fans learned this funky song, that had a chorus,
"Thank you Chargers, and you're still number one!"
My mother, who never leaves the house, especially in the rain,
was seated beside me.

I get goosebumps when I remember that night.
I am thankful for that night, and for the inspiration and energy and intensity
of Don Coryell and that Charger team.

Okay, you spiritual types, you think I have lost it at this point. Probably!
But I am most seriously thankful for that night,
its energy, and magic.
Rama always said that truth and light are everywhere,
and the Tantric Zen pathway teaches that each moment IS the path.
I am really not being facetious when I give thanks for that moment in time.

I guess I have led a charmed life.
I am truly and deeply grateful for my family and friends, and teachers.
Thank you all, for you are the light that has lifted me.


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