by a Student of Rama
Equinox, 2001



There are three things that we need to do in life:
We need to find what we are passionate about,
We need to pursue it,
And we need to share it with others.

We find that which we are passionate about
By meditating and seeing what makes us happy.
What gives us energy?
What makes us feel more alive--brings us to a higher place?
What are we drawn to do?
Our passion may be very first attention
And yet at the same time it tells us a great deal about
Who we are on an inner level.
We need to be very careful about finding what our own dreams are
And not being drawn into the dreams of others.
We must follow our own dreams--not the dreams of our friends,
Those wiser than us,
Those richer than us,
Or even those more enlightened than us.

Next we need to pursue our dreams--very gently,
And yet very firmly at the same time.
The pursuit of our dreams must become a form of meditation for us.
We keep bringing our focus back to the dream,
Which becomes like a chakra for the meditation.
We must be gentle about it--never trying to force it,
But never allowing ourselves to be dislodged from it either.

When our lives are not in harmony with our dreams, we are not in balance.
At present we are seeing an economic imbalance in the high-tech sector
Because too many people followed the dreams of others
-- making a large fortune in the technology industry --
Rather than following their own dreams.
Until that imbalance is corrected
We will see some economic pain on the societal level.
You have to find out what your own dreams are
And make sure they are not just the dreams of others.

This doesn't mean, by the way,
That everyone who dreams of being, say, the next great rock star
Is going to succeed in the obvious, first attention way.
But if music is a passion for someone,
That passion must be pursued in some form or it will create imbalance in life.

Our dreams may--in fact, they probably should--change over time.
When we are young, our dreams may involve
Taking over the world in some way.
As we get older, the focus may be more on immediate career
Or on family or community.
When we no longer have a passion in the physical world,
Then we die.
We must respect the dreams of others as well.
Very few people really have a passion
To pursue enlightenment,
And those of us who are on that path need to have total respect
For those who have more mundane dreams.

The real magic comes, though,
When we share our passion or dreams with others.
That's when we get outside ourselves
And really reach a new level of happiness.
It doesn't matter whether other people
Follow or pursue our passions--what matters
Is that by sharing our passions with others, we share a little bit of our energy with them.
And when we do that, it always is reflected back to us
Magnified many times.

The Spring Equinox is a time for finding out what we are passionate about
And just going for it!
People make their New Years' resolutions in January,
But March is really the time for it.
With winter drawing to a close, it is time to move
Full speed ahead with our goals!

Let's make the rest of 2001 an absolutely perfect year!



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