I am an aspiring dweeb. I am currently taking Java (Sun's Java using the JDK 2) course and feel VERY overwhelmed. Can you recommend a simple book that might help? I think I must be just missing "something". Does anyone out there know Java and want to lend a hand? Maybe look at some code..or tell me how they "got it". would like to start programming for the Internet. What do you recommend?

Some advice
While not JDK 2.0, O'Reilly's Java examples in a Nutshell and related books might give you an edge up.

The easy part first.
Great programmers evolve. You have to be patient with yourself. Start by doing what you can do and actively trying to enjoy it. A secret that I use is to apply what I learn to a project in Rama's honor. It is truly awesome how much quicker I am able to pick things up this way. Remember, beginners are always welcome (and sometimes preferred ;-)

With this in mind here a few more fundamental pointers. Pun intended. Code comes down to algorithms and alrogithms come down to only a few things.

  • Loops of all kinds (do's and for's and whiles)
  • Data storage (variables, structures, classes, etc)
  • Branching (Conditionals- case statements, simple ifs and else ifs)
  • Calling operations (variable passingobject and function , etc)
  • Statements (whether calling other functions or instructions native to the language these are what the thing is actually doing)

The rest as they say is just syntax. Syntax is the grammar of a language. It comes with practice and just takes lots of compile and error. But just as you read these words, so you will eventually read the syntax of Java.

Some people might also include objects in there, but to me objects represent structure and assembly. Essentially an object is just a smart function that manages its own data. It is their reusability and self containment that makes them so dang useful. And the cool things about objects is that while the learning curve might appear steep at first, once you've got them you wonder how you got along without them.

Above all, be patient and avoid feeling sorry for yourself or too frustrated. You are learning a new language and more importantly a new way of thinking. You'll get it. Hang in there! ;-) If you have some samples or more specific questions send them in and we'll see what we can do.

Also, fellow Dweebs, if you have something to add, don't hesitate. This is a group effort!

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