So much has happened that I'm not sure where to begin…..I love working with the mentally challenged. I was right! They are teaching me as much as I am teaching them!

Some days I work in the community along side of my clients, helping them to learn appropriate work behavior, while other days I work in the Vocational Center teaching, guess what?? How to use the computer!!! It is opening up a whole new world for the clients that use this center. I have introduced them to the Internet so they are no longer removed from what is happening. (They also get to check on their favorite soap operas each day.)

My most recent student was interested in learning how to make a calendar for the month of June. You'd be amazed at all the appointments they have! Anyway, we started the calendar together and within 20 minutes, this young lady was cruising! She was entering all of her appointments (including her time each day on the computer) and she had learned how to edit when she had omitted something. FANTASTIC! Using the computer as we all do, we forget how exciting it was in the very beginning. (I remember when I first started; all I could do is play solitaire and didn't know how to close each game. My son came in and asked why I had 13 games open at one time! Duh) It took two hours to produce the calendar but when it was done and printed it was like a Picasso. The pure joy on her face was a reward I will never forget. (We made copies to hand out to almost anyone who would take one!)

Although I give a lot of me to these clients, I find they return almost as much. They are truly an amazing group of people.

I have had to move out of my beautiful lakefront home for the summer as this was the deal I made back in January with the owner. I miss it terribly, but return often to take out my yak and enjoy the lake. It is a way to replenish my spirit and renew myself. If you have never tried kayaking you most definitely should. It's just you and the water! No one else is there….you are totally independent of everything. I've often wondered if this is what it is like before you are born. Just floating free. No worries. No cares. Just free.

I will be returning in September and have already made plans to look for a permanent place to live where I will not have to leave. It is an exciting prospect. (Another adventure?)


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