Have you ever stopped to add the minutes you spend waiting? I have not; nor do I intend too.

The situations we must wait in are endless…a traffic light, lines at the bank, the supermarket and on it goes. I believe the worst wait of all is waiting for a response. "Will it be favorable?" "Will I be disappointed?" We are after all only in control of so much! We are ONLY in control of ourselves. We cannot begin to guess how someone else will respond to a question posed to them.

Recently as I waited for a job response, I realized I had stopped everything else. I was no longer in control of me. I was letting an unknown from outside set my moves and my actions. What a waste of precious time!

When we truly realize that only we can control our moods and our actions, then we are headed toward true enlightenment. This is an extremely difficult thing to do as we all react to outside stimulation. BUT what if we pause in our state of waiting and meditate on the question; would we not once again be in control of ourselves?

What will be decided by someone else can indeed affect us, yet it should not rule us. We are in charge of our destiny. Frustration and the feeling of helplessness are our own doing. If we let these feelings overpower us then we are reduced to someone who cannot see or follow the path to enlightenment. There are so many ways we can spend waiting.

Do not let the time spent waiting go unused.
Who are you? Are you tired of waiting? Identify what you are waiting for and meditate when you feel the waiting is stopping you from being who you really are and what you want to accomplish.

Remember…Not all paths are clearly marked. Sometimes you will get lost along the way.


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