Golden Friend



The light rows of candlescent,
Golden leaves of the Tree
In the front garden.

It gives me such strength to see
The soft opal, oval leaves
Pressed up towards the sky.
Some - most - are a bright yellow,
Now in their death throes;
There are a few, (almost confused),
Bright green ones
Cheating nature into Spring.
Still a few on each branch,
Lighting up my mind -
Bringing solace.

Nothing can replace the splendour of
This Tree -
This Sky -
This Sea.

Golden friend - finding You in this garden,
Is like finding a long lost relative.
You are here with all loving purpose -
To guide me into the arms of…
…an arboretum -
Is heaven.
Autumn glades -
Go to the Maples and the Ferns!

Sweet stench of mould, and contentment,
Among the deceased leaves.
Drive through Me -
Take Me away!

What evergreens will play with Eternity?
And haunt the longings for eternal youth
Of the mortal passers-by?
What fiery leaves will taunt the passion,
And brevity,
And certainty,
Of Death?
Captured in their glow -
Only to watch the embers fall -
And the skeletal reminders
Of life on Earth.

Each universe must have its own span.
This one, millions of light years -
One Tree in that -
Longer or shorter than me, in that.

Clouds that streak and caress the mind
As I watch the shades and shadows play.
So many colours.
The palette of nature so diverse
And magnificent -
Master of subtlety and nuance.
Ever different.
Captured once in a billion times
By some solitary painter...
Or poet.

No words can describe -
Just as I have tried
To say
How much the light leaves of the Tree
In my garden
Hold my soul
In their sway.

How musical and beautiful -
Filling my heart with the syrup of love -
Sweet, Bright, Playful Leaves.
I die with them, and am reborn with them -

But there is something that stays…



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