Desert Stars



I had walked outside at night
To feel the freshness

The semi-circle of octopus-ink sky
Was encrusted with light stars.

As I looked up,
The pale blue electric aura
Around each one,
Began to sparkle
Like rays from a sun.

Their pathways of white light
Stair-cased down into my eyes,
And I felt their love

Radiating as they do
Through all the day,
And then under cloudless skies;
We see them for brief moments.
Away from our plans and schemes.
Away from our thoughts.

They shine down their message
Every second
And it is

As I was being drawn into
Their power,
I saw the outline of Rama's face,
In the middle of my view.
Traced in the blue neon light
That the stars shared;
He was smiling.

He said "Come to me! Come to me!"
And I was taken up;
Split into each tunnel of light.

Up to be with him.

Some part of me never returned.
Like a spaceship tractor beam,
rom every star,
Had been set on target.

I reeled.

The night shined.



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