Village by the Sea


Come take a walk with me
To a village by the sea
walk down a country lane
Where past beauties still remain

Rows of cottages with roofs of thatch
A picture that is hard to match
Roses growing everywhere
Scents of flowers fill the air

An old church from centuries past
Enduring the years, built to last
The grounds tended with loving care
Splashes of colours everywhere

An old man smiles with pride
He invites us to see inside
His little home where he was born
The fireplace was cozy and oh so warm

A cup of tea he said we need
and we enjoyed it yes indeed
His china cups handled tenderly
Specially kept for folks like we

He said not many friends come my way
Especially folks from far away
He served us cookies with tea so hot
Lovingly poured from an old tea pot

Memories flooded in my mind
A place like like this is hard to find
I thought of days so long gone by
I felt as though I might just cry

For in this village I'd been before
Though years have passed by the score
As a child it was heaven to me
This little village by the sea.

Poem "Village by the Sea" submitted by the author, Hilda
Dedicated to Kirby in Furness, Lancs., England.
My aunt took me there each summer as a child. Some of my happiest memories.
Written September 19th, 1997


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