Too Busy



We're too busy it seems
to take time for dreams
or to go for a walk in the sun.
Too busy today no time for play,
too busy just getting things done.

Too busy to sit and read awhile,
too busy for stories, too busy to smile.
No time for old friends no time for the new.
Too busy thinking of things we must do.

Too busy to watch the birds in flight,
too busy to count the stars in the night,
too busy to watch the children playing,
we don't hear half the things they're saying.

We're too busy for picnics
when the weather is mild
or to share in the joys
of a little child.

Too busy for all the simple things,
no time for the blessings
each day can bring.

When our life is finally through
and there's nothing worthwhile
left to do.

Will our hearts be filled with misgivings
when we learn we've been
Too busy for living.

Poem "Too Busy" submitted by the author, Hilda


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