My Special Place


I found a very special place
where peace and joy abound.
It is a secret no one knows
This place that I have found.

There is a beauty which I have seen
and it brings such joy to me.
I can sit and feel secure
filled with serenity.

I glance within my inner thoughts
and pictures fill my mind.
Of days gone by forever
when all the world seemed kind.

I see a garden small and neat
filled with fragrant flowers.
A wishing well an old oak bench
where I can sit for hours.

I hear the birds in the trees
singing their special song.
An old grey cat sits and purrs
he feels that he belongs.

In the distance a church bell rings
Oh what a glorious sound.
Calling folks to evening prayer
they come from all around.

I watch a little squirrel
climbing in a tree
searching for food no doubt.
He's not afraid of me.

My heart is full of love and hope
my mind is filled with pleasure.
These are the moments dear
to me the things I'll always treasure.

I hear a voice call my name
come in it's time for tea.
My mother's voice oh how sweet
and she is calling me.

Now I leave my secret place
and dreams of long ago.
But I'll return again soon
to this place I've grown to know.

And now I'll tell my secret
this place I`ve set apart.
You probably have guessed by now,
It's deep within my heart.


Poem "My Special Place" submitted by the author, Hilda
Childhood Memories of England, written October 18th, 1997


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