"My Love and I"


I gazed up at the stars tonight
The moon was full, shining bright
Stars were glittering in the skies
Oh what beauty filled my eyes.

We walked together hand in hand
Our feet would sink in cooling sand.
The ocean shimmered from light above.
My heart was filled with thoughts of love.

A love that's lasted through the years.
Full of laughter, joy and tears.
We've seen it all my love and I.
Our love grows stronger as days go by.

We've raised a family with love and care.
They always knew that we were there.
To comfort them when things went wrong.
Our family ties were ever strong.

Now we are in our golden years
Sometimes my eyes fill with tears.
Thinking that someday we must part.
Oh what sadness fills my heart.

For I could not bear to be alone.
Without my love, my very own.
I`m so used to him being there.
His love and caring shows everywhere.

But tonight I am young once more.
As we walk along the shore.
We stop and hold each other tight.
And all the world again seems right.


Poem "My Love and I" submitted by the author, Hilda
Dedicated to my husband, Eddie, written September 15th, 1996



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