"Birds In Flight"



As I lie in the quiet of night
I close my eyes extra tight.
Clearing my mind of worldly things
waiting to see what my thoughts will bring.

I see myself with the birds as they fly
high up in a clear blue sky.
Seeing the world from up above
a sense of calm fills me with love.

As I look down upon forest of green
admiring the beauty of a wondorous scene.
Fields of gold stretching far as the eye can see,
meadows of wild flowers give pleasure to me.

They're filled with colours of such vivid hue
I am in awe what next to do?
Soar above the oceans deep,
Oe'r mountain tops with towering peaks.

Fly over lands so far away
watching wild animals as they play.
Breathing the air so sweet and clean
pondering at the wonders I have seen.

At night when the stars are shining bright
filling the skies with a heavenly light
a sense of peace is what I feel
Tranquility and a joy surreal.

How I wish for a life so free
filled with love for all to see.
Why can't mankind embrace such peace
all bitterness and hate cease.

These times are very far away
but they will come someday I pray.
Till then I'll close my eyes at night
and once more join the birds in flight.


Poem "Birds In Flight" submitted by the author, Hilda
Written 2/09/98


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