by A Grateful Student
Rama's Mahasamadhi, 2001



Thank you Rama!
For giving us a sparkling doorway into light.
A bright, shining feeling inside,
When we recall any moments,
Touched by you.

There are students of yours,
Who did not meet you in person
This lifetime.
And yet they see the room turn gold,
They are illumined, and invigorated;
They meditate every day,
They want to help spread happiness,
They laugh, and sing, and dance, make love, and play!

Thank you Rama!
For all the lessons you gave us in impeccability,
In business, in martial arts, in the occult,
In fine dining, fine living, fine art,
Thank you with all our fine hearts!

There are so many lessons -
That we can throw them away!
And then embrace them again,
When we have changed.
Some aspects are right for us now,
Others we can return to;
There are so many facets,
Who cares what small portion we know!
Let us throw all our understandings away!
Let us cast off all concepts!
Let us hurl ourselves into eternity!
Let us walk slowly, admiring the flowers,
With a smile on our face.
Let us fly, Like dakinis and yogis!
Let us dance to techno and Zazen!
Let us hear all your words,
And feel all the worlds,
And let us follow the Way.

Thank you Rama!
How can we express our gratitude?
Let us put back into the world what you gave us!
Let us teach meditation to seekers of light,
In all the countries,
In all the cities!
Looking now at where we are -
Think of where we would be without you, Rama.
Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!

We take what you opened,
We blossom from your seeds;
We traverse the stars in your wake,
We sing our souls into light,
Loving you...

Let this Mahasamadhi liberate us all!
Let it explode our trajectories into your space!
Let us grasp something subtle and strong in our spirit!
Let us never let go of the path!
Until we are like you,
Dear Rama,
Dear Teacher,
Beyond Life,
Beyond Death.



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