Extent, Depth & Precision
by Michael
Rama's Mahasamadhi, 2000



Dear Rama,

I would like to acknowledge your willingness to "bless" those 18 friends & family members who I brought/dragged/otherwise badgered into attending your Public Meditations in Los Angeles & Boston during the mid/late-80's. Although I later came to realize, as you aptly phrase it, "You Don't Sell The Study; The Study Sells Itself", it was very important to me at that time to have these particular individuals exposed to and "microwaved" by you in the hope that they, too, might perceive your essence and your abilities.

I now know that it was not necessary for them to study formally with you. I also realize that my motives in bringing them to you were strongly (and in some cases, totally) influenced by personal attachment.

Regardless of my motives or the ultimate benefits derived for/by them, I do appreciate you making their exposure to you possible. Thank you for dealing with my mental pressure on you to "do something" for them. I realize my particular "requests" are/were my personal variations on "Bargaining With God", but I still deeply thank you for dealing with each of these individuals in such a perfect manner.

I am especially grateful for your showing me in no uncertain terms that you are All Too Well Aware of my connections with them. Thanks are also due for your "Suggestions"/Hints/Signs regarding several other individuals who, although not brought into your physical presence, have strongly impacted my life.

Specifically, thank you for so touchingly advising me about my relationship with K after this current incarnation. Thank you for personally speaking with A during a Public Meditation break and for "being around" during his recent legal conundrums. Thank you for giving me a direct, personal & Beyond Apropos quotation that indicated G would be such a valued, helpful and dramatic friend in my later life.

Thank you for having my brother send me my first copy of SNOWBOARDING and for showing me, at a personally significant Public Meditation, the extent of his inherent selfless giving. Thank you for giving K and I such a "stylish" New Year's Eve. Thank you for FINALLY getting L and J to a Public Meditation (AND for sending one of your students to J as a client!)

Thank you for showing me my relationship with P was not in my best interests (advice that, as you know, I should have followed). Thank you for allowing M to perceive Who You Really Are and for visiting her in the Dream Plane. Thank you for today's (April 8, 2000)THE ILLUMINATED RUMI/KRISHNA DAS Adventures with B. And thank you for The Merry Chase you led me on with R, which resulted in that blissfully intense Collision of Chakras.

None of these individuals are/were your students. But, for everyone's benefit, you've entwined your teaching and your presence into my relationships with them. Even though some of them are no longer in my life, I feel at peace with the knowledge that your "awareness" of them has made them special and blessed.

Rama! Rama! Rama! What can I say? You have so totally extended and expanded the roles of Teacher/Guru/Spiritual Benefactor/Omniscient Advisor/Cosmic Pal/Whatever. Because, no matter how helpful and significant these interactions with my family and friends are/were, they ultimately represent only one separate aspect of your Endlessly Flowing Spiritual Bounty that I have been privileged to experience.

Rama! Rama! Rama! How can I possibly articulate the extent, depth & precision of your caring?


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