by Freespirit
Rama's Mahasamadhi, 2001



Every day, there you are, challenging me to embrace every experience in my life. To learn from what I see and feel. To look at the good and bad, and ultimately see the benefits of both - a bringing into perfect balance. Every action, every thought, a chance to taste life in all its myriad fragments, which ultimately become one.

Your care, your compassion, your understanding - at any time, any place, you are there for me as a guide and as a friend. You understand the very manner by which to bring out the best in me - no easy solutions. You give me a nudge, and leave it to me to reach deep down inside myself, to trust my intuition and to find the solutions. And there, always, is the answer I need. It is just a matter of trust and opening my heart to truths through meditation and contemplation.

Through you, I have learned to look at my life with no regrets. I know my actions, no matter how successful or otherwise, have been acted out with my best intentions and commitment. By giving my very best I live an honest life. I have learned about compassion, both for others and myself. An understanding and empathy for my fellow people - of their most human achievements and failings - this has helped me to love, and be strong.

You have opened a window to a continuous state of happiness - a liberation from lower states of mind. The key to turning any situation, no matter how grim it appears superficially, into a positive one. And how to retain this level of happiness and power despite outside circumstances. Some of the darkest moments have dissolved into my greatest moments of peace.

I have developed a greater understanding of myself - and with this I have attained my highest levels of achievement in all aspects of my life - relationships, career, sports, my surroundings. And this brings me a great sense of satisfaction and contentment.

Above all, these are a bringing into balance in my life - a place for both hard and soft. And this allows me to live my life as I feel is right for me. I am true to myself, and that is my best. You guide me from one level, to the next, to the next, and onwards ...

Thankyou my teacher, I love you.


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