Rama Bops and Rebops!

by M (a Student)
Equinox, 2001



Some background: My brother John, unlike my other brother and sister, never did get to attend a Public Seminar with Rama. So, for many years (and intensifying over the last several), I have wanted Rama to "do something" that would let John know There is Something to All This Stuff in General and Most Definitely Something to Rama, In Particular.

Last summer on July 1st , 2000, (at 11:35 am) I was "shown" that Rama had "bopped" John. "Bopped" is my own terminology for when Rama "Does Something To Someone Other Than Me & Who Is Not A Student of his". By being "shown" I mean that, in my day-to-day activities without any prompting from me, Something Highly Specific that I Totally Associate Only with Rama "connected unquestionably" with Something Highly Specific that I Totally Associate Only with John.

At that time John was going through some mental and health challenges which, in some part, were due to the stress of taking care of my elderly mother. I told John that he HAD been "bopped", and I did not know what exactly was going on, but that Rama was definitely "aware" of his situation.

Mid July, within days of my mother's passing, she came to John in the Dream Plane and, in true Rama Fashion, insisted he write the details of her "visit" down, so that he wouldn't forget them. Not only did Mom's Dream Plane visit contain a specific message for me, but she also appeared that same week to her caregiver, who was holding her hand at the time of her passing. And this wonderful caregiver was the wife of one of John's oldest childhood friends.

So, I figured at that time THIS was what I had wanted for John from Rama: a bonafide experience of Another Dimension that he couldn't deny had happened.

We now go to last Saturday, February 3'rd at 3:15 PM, when I was walking near the Vanderbilt Campus. The Exact Same Physical Manifestation, connecting Rama and John, presented itself again. Needless to say, I was surprised, grateful, and wondered "what it meant".

That evening after my meditation, I immediately called my brother and announced that Rama had "bopped" him again. I suggested he be very "aware" for the next several days of any new circumstance, information, or opportunity that might present itself.

I also told him that, since major Rama Birthday Celebrations were being held that weekend, he might be "mindful" throughout the rest of the week. John agreed to be on the lookout for "whatever".

So, on the next Monday evening, (a scant 48 Hour Cosmic Turnover!) John and his son, Sean, called to let me know that "out of the blue" Seanee had "just happened" to be selected as 1 of 4 students out of the entire student body for a television interview publicizing his school.

Needless to say, my brother and my nephew (who is also my godson) were very excited about this surprise turn of events, and John admitted that, yes, some New Opportunity had certainly come his way (through his son) and, yes, Rama did seem to be "involved" in all of this.

So, I congratulated them both and then suggested to John that he might formally "thank" That Magical Being who was behind (or, at the very least, "aware of" in advance) all of this.

What makes this television interview so special is that Seanee's high school was selected last fall as one of the Top 100 high schools in the country. His school is in the Midwest and small by most standards. In addition, Sean was the only senior selected, and he was "hand-picked" by the school's principal.

A camera crew from a major television station came to tape the story for a later broadcast. Throughout the years John has taped many videos of his sons' sporting events, proms, etc., so he is particularly thrilled to be adding this to his collection. And with Seanee graduating this June, this interview will certainly remain a fond and distinctively personal high school memory for both of them.

I cannot think of a better way for Rama to "get John's attention" than to "do something" for one of his boys, so, once again, Rama goes about Doing Those Wonderful Things That Only Rama Does.

It's never what you think it will be, it's always better than you had hoped, and more people are always positively affected (yes, Sean did have the camera crew go into his Spanish Class so that more students could get on tape). And through it all Rama just simply goes on his Merry & Magical Way.

So, my week of Rama Festivities certainly got off to a colorful start.

And it is this Profound Level of Caring that urges me to go forward toward a brighter and deeper understanding of all Rama represents and exemplifies.

EPILOGUE: On February 20th I called my brother for his birthday and was told that the interview with Sean was broadcast several days ago (in connection with a story on several other schools). And, yes, due to time considerations, Seanee was the only student from his school whose interview was broadcast. In fact, his comments were also used as the "lead in" to the entire segment, so he appeared twice. Needless to say, Little Mister Senior and his father were quite impressed with his Solo Turn in the Televisual Spotlight.

And our conversation seemed another perfect opportunity to remind my brother, "When Rama Bops, he DEFINITELY Bops!



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