A discussion of aspects of Rama's "The Enlightenment Cycle" Tape #4
by a student of Rama

Discussion of the martial arts in Rama's teachings was far ranging, both at seminars, and in his recorded teachings. He recognised it as a valuable avenue for maintaining physical health, and also a source for self-discipline, recollection of the warrior cycle, and a terrific means for bringing about balance in our lives. On occasions he held demonstrations on stage.

In Tape 4 of "The Enlightenment Cycle" series Rama discusses the need for balance in our lives in the pursuit of happiness. In order to demonstrate the value of balance in our spirtual practice he uses the analogy of martial arts, making the concept easy for us to understand.

"... Balance is the hardest part of all the things in yoga, all the things in Buddhism, self-discovery, and the Enlightenment Cycle.

Balance is the most difficult thing; because it's overlooked. It's not intrinsically the hardest thing; it's no harder than anything else; but because it's underestimated. Because we don't really consider it deeply enough; it's overlooked. That's why it's the hardest thing.

We think, in other words, that it's not important to be balanced.

In martial arts one of the first things that you learn, one of the most important things, is to be balanced. If you're not balanced anybody can knock you over. If you're balanced then you're in pretty good shape. You know you can defend yourself ...

... So to be balanced is to be happy. When you're happy you are at the centre of things. When you're happy its pretty tough to knock you over. You can handle whatever comes along in life. You can handle the bright days, the dark days, and the intermediate days."



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