Winning is very important to the Warrior @ Work. One is happiest when they win in every situation. The happiness inherent in victory is only part of the exhilaration. Winning is doing ones best in every situation. Doing ones best is happiness.

Winning does not necessarily mean there is a loser. If two opposing forces both do their best there are two winners. Today's Super Bowl (2000) is a perfect example. The Titans moved the ball 87 yards in their last drive in an attempt to tie the Rams. They fell short by one yard even though their effort was impeccable. Both teams were awesome, at least in the 4th quarter.

Often in a new job, especially when one joins a team in transition, hostility and negative attitude can be thrown like arrows from every direction. The warrior must stay focused on the mission (to do an excellent job), and not react to the barrage. Simply tell yourself, "They're paying me a lot of money to let it slide and go with the flow." If an employee can work harmoniously and productively with their teammates, all are winners.

If an individual is able to happily and productively follow their own path, while enriching the lives of those around them, they are winning.





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