Moving Forward

The realization that we are all in charge of our own self awareness seems so obvious. The challenge faced by the Warrior @ Work in his or her career, are the many ways the same obstacles will be placed in front of us.

These cycles may at first blush look like new events but they are typically reruns of old favorites. The decision to move forward is made by the actor alone and not the environment. When one knows that powerful fact, they can proceed to make choices that bring about a positive result. The alternative is to come up with new ways to recreate the same old situation comedy/drama/action adventure... with new actors and sets.

The ability to step outside of ones comfort zone and take a chance is another key element to success. Once you know what's right for you and how to handle situations effectively, one must focus on the solution and not the problem. This might seem uncomfortable because for most, a negative view is the default position.

Overcoming fear is also very important. The fast tracker trying to climb the corporate ladder will face opposition on a daily basis. When you do, it is important to remember the game plan and not be swayed by emotion. Remember, you have the play book, script, soap memorized and you will be the hero.





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