The weapon of the warrior is laughter. I read this on Ramalila several months ago and wrote it down. Recently I decided to figure out why this is, and to understand the significance of incorporating laughter into my arsenal.

Laughter is nourishment for the spirit, it resets our attitude to positive, it causes endorphins to rush through our bodies and generally empowers us to take on whatever challenges or adventures life brings on. The smile is of course an inherent component. Just try laughing without it!.

Laughter makes us feel better about ourselves, the world, other people and be generally more optimistic in our outlook. It's attractive and impressive to ourselves and other people.

As for your career, laughter helps you to highlight yourself and your upbeat, outgoing and dynamic personality to employers and team members. It can also help you to align with other positive, friendly and powerful people.

Whether you're trying to land that dream job or trying to keep a step ahead in your career, try incorporating laughter into your daily routine. With practice it will become as natural as...laughing.



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