It is important for the Warrior @ Work to wear and utilize gear that radiates strength, power and success. This includes ones car, clothing, sports equipment, etc.

Powerful clothes can be the deciding factor between two equal candidates. It's kind of like the battle of the suits. Or in the case of high tech Co.s, "I don't want to ever see that suit again," the battle of the sweaters, chords and boots.

Cars, laptops, watches, leather cases, sunglasses, ski boots, tennis rackets, athletic shoes, etc. should be specifically chosen. I like to get the really cool functional and rugged stuff from Nike, Omega, Tumi, Killer Loop, Mac and Sony. Porsche, Mercedes, and BMW top the list of power cars. Remember, you only have to impress yourself.

The intention is to look and feel strong, competent and successful with excellent taste; especially to a client or employer. The message is "I've chosen this gear because it reflects who I am." Always have a smile and a great sense of humor, have fun!






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