I could have called this one Challenge Revisited, because life is full of so very many challenges. Instead, I would like to discuss courage. What does it mean to be courageous?

The recent Winter Olympics (2002), have provided many examples of courage. Those that have fallen short in their events, literally in some cases. Those that have displayed joy and satisfaction with silver when gold was expected. The real showing of character were those that were disappointed but still thankful for the chance as well as the moment. The medal was bronze in the case of one world class skater.

The 16 year old ladies figure skating champion and gold medal winner displayed courage in its purest form. Going into the finals she was fourth. There was little likelihood this relative newcomer would medal at all. Instead of being bogged down by fear she elevated herself to a higher spiritual plane. She seemed elated during her effortless and incredibly graceful performance and to delight in the joy and satisfaction of the moment. She seemed to know, on a spiritual level, that this was a special and rare opportunity. It appeared she made a conscious decision to put fear aside and had the courage to be her best, without the likelihood of winning in the typical sense.

It was also impressive to see athletes on the skeleton course going 80 mph, flying off jumps through the air, and cruising down steep mogul fields. In each case there was no guarantee of success, just a hope and a dream.

You're probably asking what this all has to do with career success. Well, recently I was on several job interviews. Each time you audition you risk a high likelihood of failure. I probably don't have to tell anyone how extremely competitive the job market is right now. If you don't give it 110% you won't even be considered. After a rejection letter you have to pick yourself up off of the floor, snow or ice and give it your best shot again. Know that courage builds character and evolves your spirit. Know in your heart that someday you will win the gold medal of life.




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