Student: I working with photos from a Kodak picture CD. I don't seem to be able to resize the photos to any size I want using the software I have (MGI PhotoSuite). Can you suggest some software I might use to take complete photos(not just cuts from them) and resize to then any size I want for web pages?

Great Question! Kodak and Photo CD's are in PCD format. This format has five sizes from very small to huge! Some tools only let you open the image in the standard size. Paint Shop Pro by JASC is a fantastic tool that allows to crop, resize, paint, change compression levels (for jpgs) and lots more. Your $99 will be well spent. The product is available for immediate download and comes with a basic gif animator program as well.

Even if you own or plan to buy higher end tools such as PhotoShop, Paint Shop Pro is still a strong addition to your tool library. With such handy features as browse directory for all images, you will wonder how you got by without it!

If $99 is beyond what you wanted to spend now, search Download.com, Filemine.com, and HotFiles.com for freeware image/photo processing tools. There are hundreds on the market. Just click into each site's "graphics" sections there for a list.

And if you are web building, consider spending an afternoon at Builder.com for everything from JavaScript tips to DHTML. Enjoy!

Additional (and some redundant) information on web building can be found in this Dweeb section at Programming the Internet and Web Design Fun as well.

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