Why should I be interested in artificial intelligence?


Rama had a very strong interest and love for artificial intelligence during his life, and it is a dream he was never really able to realize during his lifetime. During the time of Atlantis, a very high civilization with advanced capabilities in artificial intelligence (AI) (as well as other fields like law and medicine) flourished. Atlantean AI was far more advanced than anything which our current civilization has yet achieved. Computing was based on crystals and light, and virtually all aspects of Atlantean society could be automated.

Many of the old Atlantean souls have reincarnated again in our current age, and it is likely only a matter of time before Atlantean AI returns.

AI, by itself, is neither good nor bad. You don't need technology to attain Enlightenment--indeed it was easier to do in some of the lower-tech eras because of the lower human population. However, if Enlightened people take a leadership role in AI on this planet, it gives them a chance to effect great changes in the spiritual evolution of the planet. Not only will they be able to make large fortunes and invest it in spiritual communities, but by designing excellent software which people use in their daily lives we can positively affect their states of mind. And, of course, designing complex software helps the developer as well by forcing them to make their minds really strong--an advanced form of meditation. Buddhism always adapts itself to the culture it is in, and Rama saw AI as one of the most important facets of our culture to apply Buddhist principles to.

On a couple of occasions Rama opened windows of opportunity for his students to become highly successful in AI. There was an opportunity for the ST1's around 1990, and a second opportunity for both ST1's and ST2's around 1995. In 1990, the students were challenged to create software which solved AI problems like playing checkers or catching a fly ball. By 1995, Rama and his students had built a number of AI engines, and the group was asked to build vertical apps based on these engines. We weren't able to fully take advantage of these doors Rama opened. Perhaps we weren't ready.

Rama is now opening up the AI window again. We don't know how long it will remain open for this time. It is the purpose of this page to help students who feel inspired to move through this door and help Rama fulfill his dream.

All the technologies described on this page are being used by real people in real corporations. There is a perception, at times, that AI is not being used--that it remains in the realm of academia or science fiction. It certainly is being used, but it tends to have a low profile for a variety of reasons ranging from the sensitive nature of AI projects (nondisclosure agreements), the relatively small size of the field, and the ever-changing array of AI products that are out there.

AI won't really take off, however, until people with occult power--for example, Rama students--put their will and intent behind it to make it over-the-top successful. This page is intended to help inspire people to come on board and manifest this dream of Rama's.



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