What is artificial intelligence?

The day may come perhaps sooner than we think where the science fiction scenarios of movies like Star Wars and The Matrix become a reality. (In some universe, of course, they are already a reality.) But for the moment, we’re not there yet. When we talk about AI, we’re talking about any form of software which uses a certain level of intelligence. AI software today tends to encode a certain small portion of a human’s intelligence. It’s not yet at a point where it can display the full range of human intelligence.

AI tends to be used behind the scenes. The most visible parts of an Internet application the browser, the HTML pages, the graphics, the security, the buttons, and the text boxes do not directly involve AI. However, the Java servlets invoked when you click something on a web page often use AI in order to perform their task. The end user sees the results of the AI, but not the AI itself.



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